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Longspan 2 tier shelving system


A customer of one of our clients required a small parts secure storage solution for their machine components, which could incorporate an enclosed assembly area.  Their customer wanted to minimise the amount of floor space taken up by the project in their new warehouse but maximise the storage capacity as they required most of the floor space for tooling machinery.




Working closely with our trade partner, Outracking set to work building a bespoke two-tier structure. This was to include a suspended walkway with an over and under gate to allow pallets to be loaded directly on to the upper tier. On the ground floor there was a partitioned work arear with lockable doors and a sliding gate for lower pallet access. It was critical to the customer that this was done to a stringent time scale as they needed to be operational very quickly.  One of the most important things identified with the build was how the area was to be kept clean and with minimal disruption to the customer as they started to bring sensitive equipment in.  A costing and detailed time plan was agreed and then it was straight to it.  The job ended with a very satisfied customer and trade associate.






Trade Work

One of our trade associates that supplies racking to end customers had taken on a large job that needed doing at the same time as another project. This left  them without a suitably qualified team that could get the project done in time to keep their customer happy. The job was on the south coast and would require a team to work away.


OutRacking’s Solution

Working under their banner and wearing their uniforms (High Vis vests) with their logo we undertook the project. Outracking supplied the required installation team to do the project and sourced suitable accommodation for its duration.  A pre-agreed trade price was established and within a few days the project was quickly underway.  The project was completed in the allotted time frame and a high level of safe working practices were followed, leaving the racking supplier with a happy customer who is sure to use them again.