Longspan Racking & Shelving

Longspan Shelving systems are very versatile storage solutions, which are primarily designed for manual picking and a low level boxed storage of medium and small materials.  Weight capacity for these systems can very depending on your nees with some systems being capable of holding in excess of 1,000kg.

This racking can be adapted to any type of unit load and comes in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.  Longspan shelving can be integrated into heavy duty pallet racking to allow for a low level picking area underneath bulk storage.

Normally its easy to install and can come with adjustable shelf heights and variable number of shelves as required.

Longspan can also be used as part of a multi level structure making it possible for this type of racking to increase in height without compromising performance and allowing hand picking to be easy without the aid of steps or Mobile platforms.

With this type of racking systems they are normally boarded with chip board but there are options to have gravel drop inserts, making it suitable for food storage and for freezer/cold storage areas.