Cantilever Racking

This Racking system is flexible to allow the storage of longer items such as piping, timbers and long panels as well large construction components.

Cantilever Racks consist of vertical columns with adjustable cantilever arms, which the products are placed across, these arms can be set at different heights depending on your requirements.  This system can be used either as a single sided arrangement or the system can be utilised by attaching arms to both sides.

This racking system can be perfect for use outside because of its hardwearing structure as well as indoor use.  These bespoke systems can be manufactured to many different specifications for light weight storage to the very largest. There’s even a domestic version for office supply’s.

At OutRacking we can design the perfect system to meet your exact needs and integrate it into your existing warehouse operation.  We can offer a huge range of uprights and cantilever arms with numerous yield strengths.

Our team can help Design and plan an installation of a customised system that fits your needs perfectly.