Racking Repairs

Maintaining your pallet racking system is important, whether you’re a small or large company, warehouse storage systems and pallet racking can get damaged!

This reduces the maximum weight that can be stored, thus making it unfit for use and a possible danger to your employees.  Damage to racking can contribute to a weakened structure, resulting to a possible racking collapse.  There are many factors that contribute to an unsafe pallet racking system, such as missing floor fixing bolts or locking pins.  An over-loaded level by putting too much weight at a single point can damage the beams and of course careless driving of forklift operators can damage both beams and the framework.

Pallet Racking is classified as work equipment and such requires regular maintenance and inspections carried out by a suitably qualified person under the PUWER regulations.  Here at Outracking we help companies to keep their warehouse a safe working environment. The first step is outlining damages and other maintenance issues, then identifying a suitable course of action required. At Outracking we can provide an on-site visit at your convenience to view in detail the condition of your storage system. We can also provide you with a SEMA racking inspection as required, including full inspection report.

It is important that all safety issues are addressed quickly.  At Outracking, our specialist teams (SEIRS certified) can attend your site anywhere within the mainland UK normally within a few days. At Outracking we understand that customers require us to minimise the disruption to their warehouse operations, because of this we can on request provide installation teams to work outside of normal working hours and weekends.

We can provide businesses with a professional cost effective solution to their repair requirements.  All repairs to Storage and Pallet Racking systems are carried out by qualified workers and conform to SEMA standards and guidelines, using the highest quality materials available.

Racking Repairs