Anti-Collapse Mesh

Anti-collapse Mesh is a product that can be fitted to the back of both Longspan racking and Pallet racking to prevent push through of products.

Fitted to the rear of a storage structure, it forms a safety barrier to the rear of the structure to protect working areas, walkways and office units as well as being used as a way to protect walls and warehouse structures being damaged by forklifts as stock is loaded and unloaded for the racks.

This safety product can be insisted upon by a safety audit as a measure to protect staff and visitors to your site.

At OutRacking we can design and fit a bespoke Anti-collapse system integrating it with your existing system or as part of a new project.  This meshing system can be used in conjunction with our partitioning system to create secure storage areas for more sensitive stock.

Our teams are highly experienced and qualified and can work with you to ensure you get the very best service possible.