Adjustable Pallet Racking

Adjustable Pallet Racking is a material handling storage system designed to store materials and products on pallets.  Pallet racking allows for the storage of palletised stock to be stored in horizontal rows with multiple levels, which has become an essential part of most modern warehouses and factories.

All types of pallet racking increase storage capacity of the stored goods, by using this storage solution you can increase your storage density in a cost-effective way.  It is also possible to add lower level picking points for loose storage items.  The great advantage of adjustable pallet racking is its flexibility, coming in almost endless variety of sizes and weight capacity as well as being able to be reconfigured to suit your needs as things change.

OutRacking can help you design your warehouse or storage area to optimise your storage capability and ensure that you get the right pallet racking system for your needs.  OutRacking works closely with manufacturers and can offer many varieties of racking systems.  These systems can be fitted by OutRacking with one of our SEMA qualified teams, working hard to fulfill your storage requirements.

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