A Company Move

The lease of an Outracking customer, which operates as an Amazon based company, had come to an end and they made the decision that it was time to move to a bigger location.  They wanted to use their existing shelving but wanted to turn it into a two tier structure to make operations easier.They also needed a lot more of the same shelving system to fill a much larger warehouse but had quite a small budget for such a large project.  It was also necessary for the customer to keep operational. 


OutRacking’s Solution

By putting together a detailed plan with technical drawings, we were able to see how their existing system could be integrated to allow for the main changes that were needed.  By identifying their system and supplying the additional materials, we were able to stay under budget.  Plans were laid out so that half of the warehouse could remain operational, whilst the racking in the other half could be moved. Outracking assisted in all aspects of the company’s move including transporting of stock, electrical services and the dilapidation.